3 May

it’s almost one month from the latest post.

it has been a very very rush time!

i got so many new models of vegan leather bag, and left behind all the crochet work, wich i’ll try to go back in this month.

i had an incredible controversy on etsy forum today, where some people where not liking the term “vegan leather”.

here is a wonderful definition that ” fineoldthings” posted in the thread wich it sounds great to me:

“Vegan leather
Vegan Leather is an artificial alternative to traditional leather. It may be chosen for ethical reasons or as a designed material which may have different properties, but a similar look to the natural material. There is also no difference between vegan leather and artificial leather alternatives, other than being marketed as “Certified Vegan Leather” to target niche consumers.”

what do you think about it, is there a new term you would like better?

meanwhile i leave you with these beautiful flower i just picture from my balcony yesterday: they smell so strong that i think you can also feel it.

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new bags

5 Apr

few new models are in the shop.
slowly slowly more item are getting ready.



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Brand new bags shop

20 Mar

Today is a great day.
I finally managed to have the first bags finished and photographed and edited and published.
it has been a long month and a half of full work about this new bags project.
and still soo many new item are on the way.
there are 3 different sections:
vegan leather
canvas and cotton

in the shop right now you can see all the vegan leather collection, and a couple of canvas and cotton pieces.
all the crocheting are on their ways to be lined and finished and then photographed.
so I think it’ll take some more time to see them.
meanwhile you can enjoy the vegan leather collection with the launch discount of 25% until i don’t know when.
I hope you’ll like my new shop and invite all of your friends to visit it.


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13 Mar

today is my birthday!!!
yes I’m turning 47 and it seems nothing.
these are the things I wish for my new year:
lots of love
lots of happiness
lots of abundance
lots of fun
lots of health
nice new places to visit, new faces to meet, new friend to make, new project to create, new customers in my shops!

life is too short to spend it not having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is one of the most beautiful jazz songs of the history, performed from amy, who gave an amazing modern and wonderful version of it.
i love this song so much!


first page treasury

6 Mar

couple of days ago I joined this new group on etsy: TAGT TEAMS

the purpose of the team is to create treasuries and to boost each other to the first page.

today starlitegirl made this one who is at the moment in the first page!
i love this wonderful cooperation

‘For an Evening Out’ by starlitegirl

A treasury of beautiful things to wear on an evening out!

Hand-Woven Fine Sil…


shawl neck warmer p…




Bridal Teardrop sha…


Ivory Size 11 Satin…


Lady Grey


THE ROCK – Clear Ro…


Large lustrous dark…


Handmade Sterling S…


Sage Pearl Mosaic R…


Silk Kimono Fabric …


Pi — Labradorite a…


Vintage Estate Larg…


Bronzed Flower Fili…


Bridal Satin Shoes …


Demi Petite Clutch …


Treasury tool is sponsored by Lazzia.com A/B image testing.

new shrugs!

6 Mar

all new shrugs for spring and summer, to wear on your shoulder from now on.
in the cool summer nights, at the parties or during the spring over a t-shirt.
all in the shop at this section:


the news is:  I’m for the first time modelling in few of these items.

with my 47 years and 150 pounds ( 70 kg)  I wanted to launch a message that : zero is not a size, but also 1 and 2 aren’t the only sizes!

and 20’s aren’t the only ages.

since some time, I cannot identified myself with those very young models that the magazine are purposing again and again.

I really wanted to see something that it is more mirroring what I’m in the reality, and what most of the women are.

so here I’m!

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new crochet clutch

5 Mar

As the spring was already blooming two weeks ago,turned back into winter with a lot of white snow, few days ago
my poor almond tree is freezing with his flowers under the snow.
and in this transition moment I’m knitting and crocheting a lot of new cotton and light mohair stuff.
the light it is not so good so I have to postpone taking pictures. it seems tomorrow the sun will shine again.
I’m trying to get new inspirations for the spring time and new nice cotton yarns.
here it is one of the song I’m listening so much in these days while I’m knitting.

making new crochet clutch, this is the first step: crocheting, then they’ll need an inside linen and the zip, deep photo shooting and listing in the shop.
it will take at least one more week!

shawl free flow

23 Feb

this is something that I created few months ago.

I made it to use it as a scarf.

As soon as I showed them few friend bought them immediately.

One friend, Ambara, that it ia also the model in the picture, she came up with all of this different ways of wearing it, one night in pizzeria, with many other friends, we started playing, and the shawl free flow was bon.

it is a unique piece of jersey, stitched in infinity mode, that you can wear in every season, as you can see in so many ways.

and if you find some new one, please send me a picture, and I’ll publish it in the blog!

I don’t like to repeat the same thing over and over, so few of these in the picture, are already gone, but you can see the new one in the dedicated section of the shop:



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spring clouds are borning

21 Feb

here it is: the new spring cowl in pink kid mohair wich just landed in the shop.

here is the link:


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20 Feb

here is a video that I made one month ago.
the music is from a friend of mine!
I hope you’ll enjoy it.