3 May

it’s almost one month from the latest post.

it has been a very very rush time!

i got so many new models of vegan leather bag, and left behind all the crochet work, wich i’ll try to go back in this month.

i had an incredible controversy on etsy forum today, where some people where not liking the term “vegan leather”.

here is a wonderful definition that ” fineoldthings” posted in the thread wich it sounds great to me:

“Vegan leather
Vegan Leather is an artificial alternative to traditional leather. It may be chosen for ethical reasons or as a designed material which may have different properties, but a similar look to the natural material. There is also no difference between vegan leather and artificial leather alternatives, other than being marketed as “Certified Vegan Leather” to target niche consumers.”

what do you think about it, is there a new term you would like better?

meanwhile i leave you with these beautiful flower i just picture from my balcony yesterday: they smell so strong that i think you can also feel it.

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